Guest Blog: After 3 Years of Marriage, Here's What I've Learnt...

“My hubby and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Whilst it mightn’t sound like a huge achievement, when you’ve been an official ‘couple’ for almost ten years this blows most celebrity marriages out the water so in my books it is something to celebrate.

So, on what I am calling a milestone for my other half and I, here are some of my key observations on marriage to date – many of which are applicable to any relationship, however long you might have been together…

Things I thought were myths which aren’t:

  • Marriage is fatal for your waistline. This may also have something to do with age and a bi-product of having a family but, post-wedding, those pounds literally stick to you like glue and it takes time and energy to keep them off.

  • He can be right – sometimes!

  • She can be right – most of the time.

  • Reality TV can be enjoyed together, though you may have to adopt a more forceful approach on this one (i.e. hiding the remote and not giving them any choice in the matter). If your other half loves a bit of TOWIE or Real Wives Of… then they are a keeper (or watching it for the wrong reasons).

  • You don’t have to have a shared interest or ‘hobby’ – having your own friends and interests is just as important, as long as you do actually spend time together of course…

  • Your mother-in-law can be your number one supporter – believe it! Just learn how to keep her sweet. Who’s on for Sunday dinner this weekend?

Top three tips for husbands

  • The bins are ‘your’ job – sorry. But it isn’t gonna get you a medal.

  • If you’re going to make romantic gestures such as a weekend away or dinner at a fancy restaurant, make these frequent occurrences so as not to raise any (unwarranted) suspicion. Consistency is key, otherwise it might backfire!

  • Just say sorry sometimes, even if it kills you inside.

Top three tips for wives:

  • No one likes a martyr. I am particularly guilty of this. You are not always right – suck it up and smile if it means a peaceful life, unless of course he’s done something really stupid and / or unforgivable, then you can get involved in some high horse action, yay!

  • Make an effort with your appearance. I don’t mean eating salads and overdosing on fake tan; I spend a good portion of my life in my sweat pants so have decided to upgrade my supermarket PJs to more chic ‘leisure wear’ – some even have a touch of cashmere – so soft to the touch – check me!

  • Just say sorry sometimes, even if it kills you inside.

Both – take note:​

  • Spread the love…

Whilst quality time with your other half is super important, it can be equally as fun to have a group mini-break if a weekend away with other couples is more your style (and spreads the cost of a babysitter).

  • Date night is king.

Everyone knows it is so easy to fall into a routine when you’re caught up in the 9-5 (and then some), have a family or just generally lead busy lifestyles. You can quickly sink into a spiral of keeping other people happy and overlook you and your partner’s needs. It categorically is a cliché but making time for each other should form part of your weekly to-do list, up there with the laundry, food shop and bed linen change."

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